Electronics and Communication Engineering

Engicube 1 Robotic Arm Control Using Flex Sensor
Engicube 2 Solid State Transformer
Engicube 3 Power Line Carrier Communication Based Energy Billing And Energy Controlling With

Android Based Home Automation E-Security

Engicube 4 Automated Urban Drinking Water Supply Control , Theft Prevention System And

Smart Prepaid Water Meter With Easy Recharge Through Gsm

Engicube 5 Interactive Braille Tutor
Engicube 6 Automated Energy Meter Reading And Controlling Plc Modem With  E-Security And Power Line Fault Monitoring
Engicube 7 A Eye Or Muscle Movement Based Smart Home Control
Engicube 8 Green House Monitoring And Automation
Engicube 9 Smart Parking
Engicube 10 Red Tacton – A Human Area Networking Technology
Engicube 11 Sign Language Translator For Deaf
Engicube 12 Plcc Based Automation System
Engicube 13 Prevention Of Power Theft Using Wireless Technology
Engicube 14 Modern Agriculturing Through An Advanced Sensoring Way
Engicube 15 Smart Atm Access System And Security System
Engicube 16 Smart Ration Card System
Engicube 17 A  Neural Network Controlled Autonomous  Security Tank
Engicube 18 Smart Ventilation
Engicube 19 Smart Inverter
Engicube 20 Analysis Of Statistical Texture Features For Automatic Lung Cancer Detection In Pet Or Ct Images
Engicube 21 Wireless Power Meter Monitoring With Power Theft Detection And

Intimation System Using Gsm And Zigbee Networks

Engicube 22 Solar Based Inverter With Device Controling Using Bluetooth Technology With Fault Protection
Engicube 23 Traffic Sign Board System With Accidental Care And Collision Avoidance System
Engicube 24 Multi Channel Wireless Plc For Dc Motor Protection
Engicube 25 Predictive Maintenance System Using Vibration And Temperatureanalysis For Heavy Motors In Industries
Engicube 26 Home Automation Cum Patient Help System
Engicube 27 Advanced Patient Help System With Pid And Fuzzy Logic Optimized Control For Temperature In Infant Incubators
Engicube 28 Smart Vehicle System With Parking Assistance And Accident Prevention
Engicube 29 Finger Controlled Wheel Chair Cum And Home Appliances Switching For Physically Handicapped
Engicube 30 Advanced Home Automation System With Inverter Using Zigbee Technology
Engicube 31 Tongue Driven Speaking Wheel Chair And Wireless Home Appliance Control With Location Finder
Engicube 32 Smart Power Line Fault Detection System
Engicube 33 Icu Patient Monitoring System With Automatic Sms System Using Gsm/Zigbee Wireless Technology
Engicube 34 Power Line Carrier Communication Based Energy Billing And Energy Controlling With E-Security
Engicube 35 Infant Incubator Parameter Sensing & Monitoring Through Zigbee Wireless
Engicube 36  Smart Dustbin
Engicube 37 Self Learning Braille Device
Engicube 38 Rfid Based Automatic Ration Selling System
Engicube 39 Rescue And Protection System For Underground Mine Workers Based On Zigbee
Engicube 40 Advanced Traffic Sign Board System
Engicube 41 Wireless Black Box Using Mems Ccelerometer And Gps Tracking For Accidental Monitoring Of Vehicles
Engicube 42 Child Tracking System Using Gps
Engicube 43 Patient Monitoring Using Zigbee
Engicube 44 Gps And Gsm Based Real-Time Human Health Monitoring And Alert System For Cardiac Patients
Engicube 45 Intelligent Energy Saving System
Engicube 46 Pid And Fuzzy Logic Optimized Control For Temperature In Infant Incubators  Ieee-2013
Engicube 47 Remote Home Security System Based On Wsn And Gsm Technology
Engicube 48 Pova – Traffic Light Sensing With Probe Vehicles(Based On Ieee)
Engicube 49 Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Network In Water Irrigation Control Monitoring System
Engicube 50 Black Box An Emergency Rescue Dispatch System For Road Vehicles For

Instant Notification Of Road Accidents And Post Crash Analysis Ieee 2014

Engicube 51 Traffic Density Control Cum Emergency Vehicle Rescue System (Based Ieee Papers)
Engicube 52 Smart Soldier Assistance Using Wsn
Engicube 53 Planetary Rover
Engicube 54 Advanced Home Automation System Using Zigbee Technology
Engicube 55 Automated Voice Based Home Navigation System For The Elderly And The Physically Challenged
Engicube 56 Gsm Based Advanced Prepaid Energy Meter For Electrical Applications
Engicube 57 Fisher Men Assisting System
Engicube 58 Smart Bike
Engicube 59 Wireless Black Box Using Mems Accelerometer And Gps Tracking For Accidental Monitoring Of Vehicles.
Engicube 60 Power Line Carrier Communication Based Energy Billing And Energy Controlling
Engicube 61 Remote Notice Board Implementation Using Gsm Communication
Engicube 62 Smart Car
Engicube 63 Advanced Wireless Sensor Network
Engicube 64 Smart Speed Governor System
Engicube 65 Smart And Safe Public Transportation System
Engicube 66 Road Accident Prevention Unit
Engicube 67 Hand Talk System For Deaf And Dump
Engicube 68 Eco-Friendly E-Ticketing System For Bus
Engicube 69 Advanced Patient Help System
Engicube 70 Home Security And Automation System
Engicube 71 Finger Movement Based Home Appliance Swithcing
Engicube 72 Implementation Of Atm Security By Using Fingerprint Recognition And Gsm
Engicube 73 Android Operated Smart Home With E-Security
Engicube 74 Towards Technology Localization – Controlling Treadmill Speed Using Heart Rate
Engicube 75 Anti-Theft And Anti-Noise Library Organizer
Engicube 76 A Wireless, Voice-Controllable, Household System.
Engicube 77 Wireless Communication Enabled Automatic Toll Management System
Engicube 78 Gsm Based Automatic Meter Reading And Billing System
Engicube 79 On Load Tap Changer
Engicube 80 Tunnel Robot – Based On Xbee Technology
Engicube 81 Voice Enable Device Switching For Physically Challenged And

Emergency Alerts Through Sms.

Engicube 82 Road Accident Prevention Unit
Engicube 83 Gsm Based Distribution Transformer Monitoring System
Engicube 84 Data Acquisition And Control System With Gsm Modem
Engicube 85 Gsm Based Home Security System
Engicube 86 Intelligent Baby Monitoring Icu
Engicube 87 Magic Gloves (Hand Gesture Recognition And Voice Conversion System For     Deferentially Able Dumb People)
Engicube 88 Multi-Sensor Railway Track Geometry Surveying System
Engicube 89 Real Time E-Security
Engicube 90 Android Mobile Based Home Automation / Device Switching
Engicube 91 Finger Print Identification
Engicube 92 Advanced Home Automation System With Inverter Using Zigbee Technology
Engicube 93 Intelligent Baby Monitoring Icu
Engicube 94 Talking Stick For Blind Man Assistance
Engicube 95 Sine Wave Inverter
Engicube 96 Power Factor Corrector
Engicube 97 Finger Print Based Students Monitoring System  In Real Time Environment
Engicube 98 Fisherman Assisting  And Rescue System
Engicube 99 Power  Line Communication Based   Energy Billing And Load Controlling
Engicube 100 Ambulance Rescue System
Engicube 101 Intelligent Baby Monitoring Icu
Engicube 102 Door Light Control System
Engicube 103 Smart Speed Governor System
Engicube 104 Wheel Chair And Home Appliance Control System
Engicube 105 Bluetooth Controlled Robot
Engicube 106 Black Box And Accident Rescue System
Engicube 107 Fire Fighting Robot
Engicube 108 Motor Speed Control Using Mosfet/Bjt & Pot
Engicube 109 Android Land Rover
Engicube 110 Voice Based Electronic Travelling Aid Using Flex Sensor For Blind People
Engicube 111 Device Control Using Tv Remote
Engicube 112 Home Automation
Engicube 113 Step Climbing Robot
Engicube 114 Smart Digital Energy Meter Using Power Line Communication Modem
Engicube 115 3d Mouse
Engicube 116 Smart Home Automation Using Wifi
Engicube 117 Automatic Brake System
Engicube 118 Bi Polar Stepper Motor Based Solar Tracking
Engicube 119 Led Propeller Display
Engicube 120 Automatic Chaser With Speed Control
Engicube 121 Mars Planetary Rover With Automatic Navigation
Engicube 122 Automatic Cradle
Engicube 123 Mobile Accelerometer Controlled Vehicle
Engicube 124 Automatic Pcb Etcher
Engicube 125 A Low Cost Infra Red Receiver Remote Based Home Automation
Engicube 126 Lifi – Wireless Data Transfer And Device Switching Using Laser Light And Ldr
Engicube 127 Temperature  Indicator And Fan Controller
Engicube 128 Advanced Sms Based Lpg Gas Detection
Engicube 129 Rfid And Gsm Based Intelligent Courier Mailbox System
Engicube 130 Speaking Micro Controller For Deaf And Dumb
Engicube 131 Aero Dynamic Wind Mill With Reverse Charge Protection For

Rural Power Generation Applications With Battery Voltage Analyzer Using Mcu

Engicube 132 Touch Screen Based Temperature Monitoring And  Control System
Engicube 133 Android Operated Robot
Engicube 134 Touch Screen Based Nurse Or Attendant Calling System
Engicube 135 Advanced Transformer Cooling System
Engicube 136 Advanced Transformer Monitoring System
Engicube 137 Bluetooth Based Tachometer Using Hall Effect
Engicube 138 Cell Phone-Operated Land Rover
Engicube 139 Sms Based Vehicle Location Finder
Engicube 140 Pwm  Based Automatic Light Dimmer With Parking Assistance For Automobiles
Engicube 141 Namastae Robot.
Engicube 142 Put Coin And Draw Power
Engicube 143 Rfid-Based Automatic Vehicle Parking System
Engicube 144 Rfid – Based Security System
Engicube 145 Rpm Counter Using Micro-Controller
Engicube 146 Rpm Meter Cum Speed Governor
Engicube 147 Automatic Plant Irrigation System
Engicube 148 Temperature Indicator-Cum-Controller
Engicube 149 Touch Screen Based Temperature Monitoring And Control System
Engicube 150 Ambulance Rescue System
Engicube 151 Automatic Phase Changer
Engicube 152 Automatic Surveillances Camera Panning System From Pc
Engicube 153 Smart Fuel Theft Detection Using Microcontroller Arm7
Engicube 154 Wireless Tracker
Engicube 155 Gsm Based Wire Less Heart Beat Monitor With Digital Display System.
Engicube 156 Alcohol Detection With Vehicle Controlling
Engicube 157 Automatic Room Light Controller With Bidirectional Visitor Counter
Engicube 158 Programmable Industrial On-Off Timer With Rf Remote
Engicube 159 Automated Toll Collection System Using Rfid
Engicube 160 Rfid Based Book Tracking System For Libraries
Engicube 161 Automatic Boiler Level Controller
Engicube 162 Control System Based On Gesture Recognition Using 3d Mems Accelerometers
Engicube 163 Virtual Guide For Assisted Tours Using Context Aware Systems
Engicube 164 Remote Monitoring Of Vital Signs In Patients With Chronic Heart Failure
Engicube 165 Biometric Vehicle Access System Using Finger Print Recognition
Engicube 166 Automatic Solar Tracker
Engicube 167 Atm Security System
Engicube 168 Gsm Based Fuel Theft Detector Using Microcontroller
Engicube 169 Gsm Based Automatic Energy Meter Reading System With Instant Billing
Engicube 170 Home Automation Using Zigbee
Engicube 171 Modeling And Control Of A New Three-Input Dc-Dc Boost Converter

For Hybrid Pv/Wind/Battery Power System

Engicube 172 Home Automation Using Power Line Networking And Rf Remote Control
Engicube 173 Pc To Pc Data Transfer Using Plcc
Engicube 174 A Novel Approach To Power Theft Detection And Electricity Billing
Engicube 175 Industrial Monitoring And Control System
Engicube 176 Remote Transmission Lines Multiple Fault Detection Using Wireless Technology
Engicube 177 Design And Implementation Of Automatic Electricity Meter Reading Using Gsm
Engicube 178 Design Of Rfid Based Student Attendance System With Notification To Parents Using Gsm
Engicube 179 Gps And Gsm Enabled Person Tracking System
Engicube 180 Gsm Based Heart Rate And Temperature Monitoring System
Engicube 181 Simulation Of Earthquakes And Tsunami Through Gsm Network
Engicube 182 Gsm Based Home Automation, Safety And Security System Using Android Mobile Phone
Engicube 183 Annunciator For Blind Person Using Ultrasonic Sensor And Fire Sensor
Engicube 184 Monitor And Control Of Greenhouse Environment
Engicube 185 Voice Controlled Wireless Electronic Notice Board Using Android
Engicube 186 Sms Based Fire Detection System Using Smoke And Temperature Sensor
Engicube 187 Sms Based Electronic Notice Board Using Gsm Modem
Engicube 188 Gsm Based Door Access Security System
Engicube 189 Sms Based Alcohol Detection With Vehicle Controlling Using Gsm Technology
Engicube 190 Sms Based Vehicle Theft Detection And Controlling System
Engicube 191 Gsm Based Vehicle Fuel Theft Detection System With Sms Indication
Engicube 192 Energysaving Systems For Railway Platforms
Engicube 193 Mouse Control Using Accelerometer
Engicube 194 Abs-Automatic Shopping Center Door Controlling System
Engicube 195 Automatic Head Lightdim/Bright And Engine Over Heating Alarm
Engicube 196 Prepaid Energy Meter For Billing System Using Microcontroller And Recharge Card
Engicube 197 A Gsm Alarm Device For Disaster Early Warning

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